Nathan Bottomley


As of October 22, 2016  the ‘Nathan Bottomley – EP’ became available. This is  Nathan’s First EP. A large portion of time was spent in Woodshed Recording Studios to create Nathan’s first EP. Produced by Nathan Truax, the EP includes 6 tracks and is available on iTunesApple Music, and Spotify!

On February 25, 2017 the ‘Nathan Bottomley Band’ played for the first time at the Lindsay Armouries for Soupfest. What was  supposed to be a one time thing, has turned into a unique sounding band experience. The band plays a variety of songs that range from pop to old rock. The ‘Nathan Bottomley Trio’ followed shortly after with a more aggressive sounding style. Keep an eye out for which incarnation is playing where!




Nathan Bottomley - iTunes