David Trusz is from the small town of Lindsay, a few hours from Toronto, and began recording at 13 when, inspired by Depeche Mode, built his own home studio. He began making electronic music – ‘Space Station’, ‘All That Is Pure’ and ‘Marbles’ amongst his earliest releases on System Recordings, Silver Planet Recordings and Rhythmic Recordings respectively.  He revisited his electronic dance music roots recently on the clinical, precise dynamics of his club track ‘O.B.X.’ for Toronto DJ/producer Glenn Morrison’s label, Morrison Recordings.

Johanne Williams is from the small town of Peterborough, also a few hours from Toronto, and started out in musical theatre before discovering Nine Inch Nails, Bjork and Portishead. Even as their first album was being recorded, she was combining part-time work as a hairdresser with some advertising work. “I was cutting hair and singing jingles,” she says. A long way from the darker emotional hinterlands she conjures up with her voice. Or perhaps just the inspiration.



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So Long - iTunes, Amazon


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All Under - iTunes, Amazon


March of the Humans - iTunes, Amazon