Filmed in Kawartha Lakes? "A Christmas Story"

The 1983 film about a boy in Indiana became a cult classic. The story is about Ralphie, a nine year old boy who wants nothing more than a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, despite receiving the same warning from several adults, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid."  

The movie is based on the 1966 semi-autobiographical book by Jean Shepherd, In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash

The movie was shot on location in the U.S. and Canada, and in 2008, two Canadian fans made a documentary, Road Trip for Ralphie,  in which they visited every location. 

It has long been said that the infamous schoolyard scene, in which one of the young boys is dared to touch his tongue to the flagpole, was filmed in Lindsay at Central Senior Public School. 

Even IMDB lists Lindsay as a filming location. 

But a little investigation proves this to be false. 

Central Senior School ( TLDSB )

Central Senior School (TLDSB)

While Central Senior School does look very much like the location used in the film, standing in for Ralphie's school was Victoria School in St. Catharines, ON. 

Movie still of Victoria School. 

Movie still of Victoria School. 

The buildings are similar in appearance, and the names are slightly confusing (Victoria School versus Victoria County), so it's easy to why so many thought Central Senior was the location.