Neil Young's Home Town is Omemee, Ontario

For weeks, Neil Young hinted about debuting his new album at a concert in his home town, but never quite said where until the day of the event. 

Along with other news sources, we guessed correctly. (See our post.)

In case you couldn't make it to Omemee that day, here's a round up of all the pride and joy: 

We'd like to see t-shirts commemorating the event, and hopefully a local business will have something soon with proceeds going to back to Omemee or to Neil's favourite charity. 

Neil Young's friend Randy Bachman made it to the event, despite having lost his cell phone. Fortunately, it was found by a good samaritan, Barry Killen, which turned out well for Barry.

Thank you, sir! It is an honour to have you return home. Don't be a stranger, eh. 

Show your support for Neil Young by purchasing his new album, The Visitor: 

You can also listen to Neil Young's archives for free right now: