"Constellations" at Lindsay Little Theatre


“In the quantum multiverse, every choice, every decision you've ever and never made exists in an unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes.” ― Nick Payne

On November 3rd and 4th, Lindsay Little Theatre invites you to an evening of infinite possibilities. The evening will begin at 7 pm and will include the live musical stylings of Andrew Bain, followed by food and drink before the main event, “Constellations,” an original play by Nick Payne, starring Miranda Warren and Seamus McCann.

“Constellations” was performed by Jake Gyllenhall and other performances were reviewed by The New Yorker and CBC. In November, you can see it in Kawartha Lakes.

The play is the story of a relationship between a physicist, played by Warren, and a beekeeper, played by McCann, and told across many different versions of reality. In some versions they experience relationship issues, and in some they barely meet. Based on the idea that each moment and choice we make leads to different realities.

What’s presented is an array of scenes showing some of the infinite possibilities of this relationship. From meetings to turn of events to endings, the moments performed from this relationship are emotionally engaging in the hands of Warren and McCann, despite the challenge of having to perform the same characters over and over situated in different realities.

Imagining how each moment might play out is part of the experience. Where in most theatre performances, the audience is guided through a story, “Constellations” leaves the audience to choose their own adventure from these fractured responses to each situation. Despite the scientific theory, the story is romantic, the dialogue poetic.

The evening promises to be intimate, emotional and thought-provoking.

Warren and McCann in "Constellations"

Warren and McCann in "Constellations"

The play was chosen for the Lindsay Little Theatre by Seamus McCann, intrigued by the originality of the script and the idea that a relationship—any relationship—still gets as much time as it ever will get, across all realities, no matter which choices are made.

“L-listen to me, listen to me. The basic laws of physics—the b-basic laws of physics don’t have a past and a present. Time is irrelevant at the level of a-atoms and molecules. It’s symmetrical

We have all the time we’ve always had.

You’ll still have all our time.

Once I



There’s not going to be any more or less of it.

Once I’m gone.”

― Nick Payne

Seamus McCann has been a member of LLT since 2007. He has directed and performed in Lindsay and Peterborough and has run his own theatre company to fundraise for various charitable organizations. Some of his favourite shows include “Marion Bridge,” “Rabbit Hole,” and “Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun,” for which he won an award at the EODL full length festival.

Over the past thirteen years, Miranda Warren has come to see LLT as her second family, working on many shows both onstage and behind the scenes. Some of her favourite roles have included Martha in “The Secret Garden” (2005), Louise in “Marion Bridge” (2008), Florence in “Séance” (2013) and Holly in “Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun” (2014). Earlier this year, she directed “Homechild” by Joan MacLeod (2017), which was part of LLT’s Canada 150th Season.

Kathryn Wooldridge-Condon, making her directorial debut with “Constellations,” was also drawn to the original concept, but also to the emotional landscape of the play, which she knew would resonate from the theatre’s veteran actors, Warren and McCann.

Wooldridge-Condon has been a member of Lindsay Little Theatre since 2015 and now sits on its board. She has stage managed three plays—“The Odd Couple,” “Waiting for the Parade,” and “Homechild.” “Constellations” is her first time working as both director and producer. She feels extremely humbled by the talent and dedication of the cast and crew on this show.

A member since 2016 when she starred in “Waiting for the Parade,” Shannon Peters-Bain may be taking on stage managing for the first time, but she is an experienced manager of large scale events in the Kawartha Lakes. She's found true joy in the detailed planning and rehearsing that comes with a night at the theatre, and got on-board with “Constellations” because the story is not like other plays, the story is not predictable, it invites creativity while taking the audience on an emotional voyage.

Andrew Bain

Andrew Bain

Musical performance will be by local musician, Andrew "Stubs" Bain. Founding member of Kahana, Tom Foolery and Welcome Karma, Andrew Bain has played many styles from Latin to Jazz to Fusion. In this venue, Andrew’s sound will lean into the blues.

This unique evening is not to be missed.

For more information about An Evening of Infinite Possibilities, visit http://infinitepossibilities.live

Tickets are available three ways:

  1. ONLINE by visiting www.kawarthatickets.ca (credit card only ~ $2 surcharge per ticket)
  2. IN PERSON at the ACADEMY THEATRE Box Office (cash, debit, or credit card ~ no surcharge)
  3. BY PHONE at the ACADEMY THEATRE Box office (credit card only ~ $2 surcharge per order)


Watch Jake Gyllenhaal and Nick Payne (et al) discuss "Constellations": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp5dvDj6hj0

Review in The New Yorker: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/nick-paynes-constellations-a-singular-astonishment

Review at CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/constellations-nick-payne-review-1.3791452