"Old Love" - a light-hearted romantic comedy

by Norm Foster, directed by Pamela Brohm

Lindsay Little Theatre


Can you put an expiry date on love? There's an answer in Lindsay Little Theatre's newest performance-- a perfect treat for Valentine's Day. 

"Old Love" stars real-life couple Margaret and Don Hughes as Molly Graham and Bud Mitchell. Molly and Bud met years ago when they were newly married to other people. Bud is smitten with Molly immediately, but he's also incredibly moral, so he doesn't pursue his love, but tries to befriend her. Molly is already bitter about her marriage and barely notices the charming Bud-- if she even remembers his name. They meet again several times over the years-- Molly, always bitter, and Bud, always optimistically smitten. Their most notable meeting happens shortly after Molly becomes a widow, long after Bud's marriage has ended. Can a couple of old-timers fall in love? Should they, now that they know the realities of being in a relationship? 

There are plenty laughs along the way. Norm Foster, considered to be Canada's pre-eminent comic playwright, writes witty situations and the actors deliver wonderful one-liners. The acting from the Lindsay Little Theatre is professional, believable, emotional. Worthy of much bigger audiences and grander stages. 


Rounding out the cast are Michael Chapman and Natalie Kristel as the spouses, along with Dylan Robichaud and, in her debut performance, Kathryn Wooldrige-Condon, as Molly's son and daughter-in-law. 

You're in for a night of warm-hearted fun and laughter. A perfect date-night performance.